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Built in the early 1900’s, Gentle Presence is amongst the oldest Sandstone homes in Clarens and is considered a heritage home due to its age and history.

The cottage was named Kyk Die Berge in the 1960’s and was originally thought to have been the stables of the then larger farm.  Every quarter farmers from the district would travel by oxwagen to gather for a time of fellowship and to participate in Nagmaal (Holy Communion).  Those that did not bring their own oxwagen would stay in the stables.

Here are some points on the background of the cottage: -

We truly believe that most will feel the peace, joy and love that this cottage     emanates and look forward to welcoming you to our little

piece of heaven on earth.

Coal Stove and hot water geyser in kitchen 2015

Cottage as it looked in August 2015